NSW Pet Friendly Accommodation

At BIG4 Colonial Holiday Park we allow you to treat your pet as a member of the family while staying at our pet friendly accommodation. Please respect our cabins and the policies we have in place so we can keep this privilege ongoing. 


What animals do you allow?

Dogs, Cats, Birds (For other animals, please ask at the office)

What are the charges?

As of 1st July 2024, $10 per pet/per night for cabin stays.

Is there a limit to how many pets I can bring?

Yes. There is a maximum of two pets allowed on sites, and cabins have a 1 or 2 pet maximum, depending on cabin type.

Do you have a size limit on pets?

No, we don’t

How do I let you know I’m bringing a pet?

When making your booking online, please fill out the ‘pets’ section. When making a booking through the office, just let our staff know over the phone.

How long does the pet pre-auth last?
The pet pre-authorisation will be processed upon check-in. Debit card authorisation holds can fall off the account (thus rendering the balance available again) anywhere from 1–8 days after the transaction date depending on the bank’s policy. Credit card holds may last as long as 30 days, depending on the issuing bank. If there were any issues that would result in us having to charge the $50.00 we will advise via phone and email.
Are the cabins dog safe?

Yes, each cabin has a fully enclosed waist-height fence around the verandah with a gate perfect for allowing your dog to be securely outside.

Are there Ticks in the area?

Yes, this coastal area is known for ticks. If your dog or cat doesn’t have a tick preventative treatment, we suggest you treat them with one before visiting.

Are there dog-friendly beaches in the area?

Yes, Harrington Beach and Crowdy Head Beach are both off-leash dog-friendly beaches. Dogs must be on a lead when walking through the patrolled area only.

Is there a dog park in the area?

Yes, we have our very own dog park here at Big4 Colonial Holiday Park.  Harrington also has a dedicated park for dogs to run off-leash, socialise and exercise. The park is fully fenced with a dog drinking station at Dolphin Park Crescent, Harrington.




  • Pets are charged $10 per pet per night (bookings arriving after 1st July 2024)
  • We charge a pre-authorisation bond of $50.00 on a credit or debit card.
  • Pets are allowed inside of cabins however they are not allowed to be on any furniture or in carpeted bedrooms.
  • Additional charges apply if your animal destroys any furniture or puts hair throughout the cabin. A broom is available in all cabins.
  • Pets must have their own bed to sleep in.
  • Pets must not be left by themselves at your cabin.


  • Pets must be restrained at all times. 
  • Pets must not be left by themselves at your site.
  • When tethered/fenced at your site, pets must be kept within 1.25m of the site boundary.
  • Pets must not be taken into the amenities, laundry or BBQ area.


  • The office must be informed if you or your visitors have a pet.
  • It is your responsibility to secure your pet.
  • When walking through the park, pets must be on a lead and under control at all times.
  • Please keep dogs clear from our permanent residents’ homes and their gardens.
  • Owners must pick up after pets using a plastic bag and dispose of the tied bag in the bins provided throughout the park.
  • Pets are not allowed within the pool area, camp kitchen, games room, laundry and covered verandah area.
  • No washing of pet bedding in the laundry.
  • Pets must be up to date with flea and tick treatments.
  • Please respect your neighbours by keeping dog’s barking to a minimum
  • Aggressive behaviour by a pet will not be tolerated and result in you losing the privilege of having your pet stay in the park.